Ayrshire North Coast Fairtrade Directory

Fairlie Shops

Fencebay Farm Shop
Coffee, chocolate, olive oil
Fencefoot Farm
Tel: +44(0)1475 568918
Email: fencebay @ aol.com

Kelburn Country Centre Craft Shop
Hand-made cards
by Largs
Tel: +44(0)1475 568685
Email: admin @ kelburncountrycentre.com

Octopus Craft Shop
Cotton accessories e.g. bags, soft toys; handmade cards, kitchen ware, jewellery
Fencefoot Farm
Tel: +44(0)1475 568918
Email: fencebay @ aol.com

Pier Garage
2 Kelburn Avenue, Fairlie
Tel: +44(0)1475 568889

Michelle’s Fast Food
Tea, coffee
Main Road, Fairlie

Fairlie Cafés & Restaurants

Fins Restaurant
Tea, coffee
Fencefoot Farm
Tel: +44(0)1475 568989
Email: fencebay @ aol.com

Kelburn Country Centre Café
by Largs
Tel: +44(0)1475 568685
Email: admin @ kelburncountrycentre.com

Kirk Café
Tea, coffee, sugar, fruit juice, biscuits, muesli bars, cake
Fairlie Parish Church, Main Road, Fairlie
every Thursday, 10am-12noon

Fairlie Accommodation

Ferry Row Bed & Breakfast
Tea, coffee, sugar, muesli, fruit juice, fruit, biscuits, honey, marmalade, fruit, duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases, toilet rolls
10 Ferry Row, Fairlie
Contact: Mrs Ailsa Henderson
Tel: +44(0)1475 568687
Email: info @ ferryrow.co.uk
Website: www.ferryrow.co.uk

‘Mon Abri’ Guest House
Tea, coffee, muesli, sugar
12 Main Road, Fairlie
Contact: Mrs Grace Gardner
Tel: +44(0)1475 568241
Email: grace.gardner @ yahoo.co.uk

Fairlie Others

Fairlie Trading
Suppliers of food & crafts from Traidcraft plc, Divine Chocolate Co. and Zaytoun
62 Kelburn Avenue, Fairlie
Tel: +44(0)1475 568280
Email: traiders @ tiscali.co.uk

Largs Shops

A Maison
Jewellery, photograph albums
56 Gallowgate Square
Tel: +44(0)1475 689721

14 Tron Place
Tel: +44(0)1475 670344
Email: kgclark64 @ aol.com

Carousel Crafts
126 Main Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 672400

Holland & Barratt
Organic quinoa
29 Nelson Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 686167

Jan de Vries Health Care
Chocolate, tea, hot chocolate, snacks, flour, cereal
1 Tron Place
Tel: +44(0)1475 689123

Beverages, fresh fruit & vegetables, flowers, preserves, confectionary, nuts, sugar, wine, biscuits
4 Irvine Road
Tel: +44(0)1475 689235

Largs Cafés & Restaurants

Ad Lib Largs (formerly Ecco Vino)
Tea, coffee
84A Gallowgate Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 686437
Website: www.eccovinolargs.com

The Gypsy Cream
Tea, coffee, sugar
6 Frazer Street
(closed Sun & Mon)
Tel: +44(0)1475 687258

Tea, bananas
33 Main Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 689968
Email: info @ loungeatlargs.com

Monastery Tea Room
Tea, coffee
5 Mackerston Place

The Rainbow Café
Drinking chocolate, tea, biscuits, chocolate, jewellery, hand-made cards
Largs Christian Centre, 25 Nelson Street

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, sugar, chocolate bars, biscuits, rice, pasta, fruit juice, preserves, cereal, snack bars, peanuts
116 Main Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 670075

Ye Olde Anchor Inn
36 Gallowgate Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 673257

Largs Accommodation

16 Charles Street
Coffee, tea, sugar
16 Charles Street
Contact: Una MacFarlane
Tel: +44(0)1475 675903
Email: 16.charles.st @ gmail.com

Tea, coffee, sugar
62 Irvine Road
Contact : M. McCabe
Tel: +44(0)1475 686268
Email: 62 @ largsbandb.co.uk

Carlton Guest House
Coffee, sugar
10 Aubery Crescent
Contact : Margaret Thorpe
Tel: +44(0)1475 672313
Email: carlton.guesthouse @ usa.net

Crawfordlea Guest House
Tea, coffee, sugar
12 Charles Street
Contact : Thos. Findley
Tel: +44(0)1475 675825

Haven House
Tea, coffee, sugar
18 Charles Street
Contact: Louise McQueen
Tel: +44(0)1475 676389
Email: Haven-House @ hotmail.co.uk

Rutland Guest House
Tea, coffee, sugar, bananas
22 Charles Street
Contact : Marie Louise Russell
Tel: +44(0)1475 675642
Email: rutlandhouse @ btinternet.com

Woodhouse Hotel
Coffee, tea, sugar
2 Barr Crescent
Contact : Lilian Wood
Tel: +44(0)1475 673381
Email: info @ woodhousehotel.co.uk

St. Columba’s Parish Church – Tea Room
Coffee, sugar
Nelson Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 686212

Millport Shops

Cumbrae Cards & Gifts
Tea, coffee, chocolate, biscuits, sugar
11 Guildford Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 530031
Email: cumbraecards @ theseaside.co.uk

Coffee, bananas, biscuits
9 Guildford Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 531166

Seawind Treasure
Tea, coffee, biscuits, sugar, chocolate, crafts: wood, glass, silver, stoneware, gemstone jewellery, bags, cushion covers, baskets, photoframes
14 Guildford Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 530031
Email: cumbraecards @ theseaside.co.uk

Millport Others

Smillie Centre
Tea, coffee, biscuits, sugar
11 Guildford Street
Tel: +44(0)1475 530031
Email: cumbraecards @ theseaside.co.uk

Skelmorlie Cafés & Restaurants

Skelmorlie & Wemyss Bay Parish Church “Friday Soups”
Tea, coffee
(weekly lunch)

West Kilbride Shops

Wine, tea, coffee, confectionary, jams, sugar etc.
12 Ritchie Street
Tel: +44(0)1294 822341

West Kilbride Cafés & Restaurants

Chu Chus
Tea, wine
At the Railway Station
1 Cubrieshaw Street
Tel: +44(0)1294 829956
Website: www.chuchus.co.uk

West Kilbride Others

The Gallery (Craft Town Scotland)
Silver jewellery
75-77 Main Street
Tel: +44(0)1294 829179
Email: info @ westkilbride.org.uk

West Kilbride Initiative Centre
Silver jewellery
86 Main Street
Tel: +44(0)1294 829179
Email: info @ westkilbride.org.uk

…and delivering to Ayrshire North Coast households....

Stair Organic Growers
A variety of Fairtrade fruit, in season
by Tarbolton, South Ayrshire
Tel: +44(0)1292 541369
Website: www.organicgrowing.com

Other Fairtrade Cities, Towns and Villages

You can find a full list of Fairtrade cities, towns and villages in Scotland at the website of the Fairtrade Foundation.


The information above was compiled by volunteers for Fairlie Fairtrade Initiative.
If your business sells fairtrade products and you would like to be included in this directory, please contact us.