Get Involved

Fairlie Fairtrade

Fairlie Fairtrade Initiative offers many enjoyable ways in which you can play a part in helping to make world trade a fairer business.

Begin buying Fairly-Traded products from the many local outlets. Click to find out where you can buy Fairtrade products in Fairlie. If you are already in the habit of buying some Fairtrade products you could look out for the Fairtrade mark on some different items.

Alternatively you could experiment by getting Fairtrade shopping from different sources. This could be the Traidcraft stall at the local Farmers' Market or the Fairtrade section in your local supermarket.

Fairlie Fairtrade Steering Group

The Fairlie Fairtrade Initiative is always happy to include new members in its steering group. Anyone interested should contact the secretary, Ailsa Henderson, on +44 (0)1475 568687.

To become a member of Fairlie Fairtrade Initiative costs a modest £1 per year. Membership now includes a Fairtrade Foundation badge. The Fairlie Fairtrade Initiative membership secretary is Nancy McQueen who can be contacted by phone on +44 (0)1475 568600.

Members and non-members of the Fairlie Fairtrade Initiative are always needed to support our events. You can participate by your attendance, by helping with publicity or by assisting at Fairtrade stalls throughout the year. Click to find out details of forthcoming Fairtrade events in Fairlie.