The School Project

The children of the primary seven class at Fairlie Primary School work on a Fairtrade Project under the guidance of their teacher. Educating people about the importance of Fairtrade is an aim of the Fairtrade Foundation, so where better to start than in our schools!?

7's Trading: The Class of 2007–08

The new term started in August and we're hoping to get some news on how the young enterprising group are getting on! Check back soon!

7's Trading: The Class of 2006–07

7's Trading

The class of 2006–07 were our second group of 7's Trading at Fairlie Primary School.
They had a very successful year helping the Fairlie Faitrade steering group to promote Fairtrade in the village. They can be seen here at their public stall during Fairtrade Fortnight in 2007!

7's Trading: The Class of 2005–06

7's Trading

The class of 2005–06 were our very first 7's Trading group at Fairlie Primary School.
These young pioneers have now paved the way for other primary 7 students to learn about Fairtrade and to run a business promoting Fairtrade goods, as seen here during Fairtrade Fortnight in 2006!